Miss Friendship International will be held in Wuhan, Hubei, China from 20th October 2009 to 9th November 2009. World Finals will be on 7th November 2009. Over 70 countries will be invited to the pageant.

Miss Friendship International is opened to all countries and these are the requirements that we are looking for in a Miss Friendship International winner:

  • She has to be between 18 to 26 years and single and never married;
  • An ideal height would be between 1.72 m to 1.80m and no taller;
  • She should have a good female model physique in bikini;
  • She should have a photogenic face for modelling assignments;
  • She should have a wonderful personality, a cool character and be enthusiastic in whatever she does;
  • She should have the desire to be famous, be a good role model and leader;
  • She should be able to communicate and understand English;
  • She should have at least some modelling experience either on the runway or as a photographic model;
  • She should ideally fit into a European size 8 dress;
  • She should not have a criminal record, married or had her marriage annulled;
  • She should be independent and can take instructions well;
  • She should enjoy traveling and seeing the World.

For those interested to be our national directors, you may send your resume and company profile to Alex Liu - alex@ermworld.org or to Jerome Too - jerometoo@ermworld.org. Once we received your application, a committee will review your application.