1st Runner up - Miss Latvia (Elina Grundane)

2nd Runner up - Miss Japan (Ikeda Shizuka)

3rd Runner up - Miss Russia (Yulia Ilina)

4th Runner up - Miss Mongolia (Tseveendash Enkhjin)


1. Miss Belarus (Yeva Tylkova)

2. Miss Belgium (Emmily Pollen)

3. Miss Japan (Ikeda Shizuka)

4. Miss Korea (HA GOWUN)

5. Miss Thailand (Loetammaranon Prawnapas)

6. Miss Panama (Stephanie Richelle Thompson Barahona )

7. Miss Mongolia (Tseveendash Enkhjin)

8. Miss Bahamas (Tempestt Stubbs)

9. Miss Latvia (Elina Grundane)

10.Miss Russia (Yulia Ilina)

11.Miss Philippines (Sabrinne Al-Tawil)


13.Miss Siberia (Alena Zhukova)

14.Miss Romania (Larisa Boriceanu)

15.Miss Wuhan (Wang Chun Li)

Special Awards

Miss Wisdom - Miss Puerto Rico (Harrison Canals Carla M.)

Miss Charity - Miss Serbia (Marijana Dobrosavljevic)

Miss Silky Skin - Miss France (Boutier Caroline Helene)

Miss Vivacious Personality - Miss France (Boutier Caroline Helene)

Most Fashionable - Miss Tartarstan (Olesya Fokina)

Best in Model - Miss Belarus (Yeva Tylkova)

Miss Elegant - Miss Australia (Charlotte Rose Mastin)

Miss Photogenic - Miss Canada (Ashley Callingbull)

Miss Kindness - Miss Bulgaria (Petya Dandanova)

Best in National Costume - Miss Panama (Stephanie Richelle Thompson Barahona )

Miss Popularity - Miss Thailand (Loetammaranon Prawnapas)

Miss Charm - Miss Belarus (Yeva Tylkova)

1st Runner up - Miss Mongolia (Tseveendash Enkhjin)

2nd Runner up - Miss Romania (Larisa Boriceanu)

Miss Disco - Miss Korea (Ha Gowun)

1st Runner up - Miss Germany (Liz Valdez)

2nd Runner up - Miss Siberia (Alena Zhukova)

Miss Talent - Miss Russia (Yulia Ilina)

1st Runner up - Miss Panama (Stephanie Richelle Thompson Barahona )

2nd Runner up - Miss Latvia (Elina Grundane)

Miss Friendship International 2010 Official Residence - Hot Spring Valley Hotel in Xianning, Hubei, China.

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hotel2 hotel3

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hotel8 hotel9

Map of Wuhan, Hubei, China

Wuhan Climate - Best Time to Visit

Wuhan has a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The ideal travel months to Wuhan are March-April, and September-October. Travelers are advised to avoid the scorching summer period of July and August with its 40 C (104 F) heat, and the cold winter time from November to later January with its severe cold. Another weather caution is the summer period from June to August with its heavy rain.

Summer in Wuhan is renowned for its scorching heat and high humidity. Unlike most areas in northern China, which have dry-heat summers, ] in summer Wuhan is known as an instant "steam box. Cotton, rather than nylon clothing is recommended.

Although the temperature in Wuhan's winter is not as low as those in the northern cities in China, the river winds and humidity can make it as cold as ten degrees below zero, and some travelers suffer from chilblains. Moreover, many hotels and guesthouses in Wuhan do not have heaters. For winter travel, bring heavy overcoats, gloves and scarves to protect against the wind and cold.

Detailed information about the Average, Maximun and Minimum Temperatures and the rainfall in Wuhan.

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Average High (°F) 44/48 47/51 57/60 68/72 78/81 84/88
Average High (°C) 7/9 48/10 14/16 20/22 25/27 29/31
Average Low (°F) 30/33 33/37 42/45 52/56 62/66 70/74
Average Low (°C) -1/1 1/3 5/7 11/13 17/19 21/23
Rain (in) 1.5/1.6 2.3/2.4 3.7/3.8 5.0/5.1 6.5/6.6 8.2/8.3
Rain (mm) 35/40 60/65 95/100 125/130 165/170 205/210

Average Data July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High (°F) 90/94 90/93 81/85 72/75 60/64 49/52
Average High (°C) 32/34 32/34 27/29 22/24 16/18 9/11
Average Low (°F) 76/80 75/79 66/70 55/59 44/48 34/37
Average Low (°C) 25/27 24/26 19/21 13/15 7/9 1/3
Rain (in) 6.3/6.4 4.7/4.8 3.2/3.3 2.7/2.8 2.0/2.1 1.1/1.2
Rain (mm) 160/165 120/125 80/85 70/75 50/55 30/35

Touristic Places In Wuhan