Miss Friendship International 2010 Grand Finals

From Left to Right: 3rd Runner up - Miss Russia, 1st Runner up - Miss Latvia, Winner - Miss Korea, 2nd Runner up - Miss Japan, 4th Runner up - Miss Mongolia

From Left to Right: Miss Photogenic - Miss Canada, Miss Charity - Miss Serbia, Best in Model - Miss Belarus, Miss Popularity - Miss Thailand, Miss Vivacious Personality & Miss Silky Skin - Miss France, Best in National Costume - Miss Panama, Most Fashionable - Miss Tartarstan, Miss Wisdom - Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Kindness - Miss Bulgaria, Miss Elegant - Miss Australia

Miss Charm Subaward Show

From Left to Right: Miss Mongolia - 1st Runner up, Miss Belarus - Winner, Miss Romania - 2nd Runnerup

Miss Disco Subaward Show

From left to right: Miss Germany - 1st Runner up, Miss Korea - Winner, Miss Siberia - 2nd Runner up

Miss Talent Subaward Show

Miss Talent Winners
From left to right: Miss Panama - 1st Runner up, Miss Russia - Winner, Miss Latvia - 2nd Runner up

Opening Ceremony at Xianning

Press Conference at Wuhan

Miss Friendship International 2010 - International Grape Festival

3rd Grape Festival in Dunhuang - 08 September 2010

9 September 2010 - Best Bikini Subaward Show